Club Keyboard Questions

What is the purpose of the Club Keyboard control box?

The Club Keyboard is super convenient to do common adjustments while playing golf on your simulator, such as aim, club changes, viewing you target location, shot info or even taking a mulligan! It makes it super easy for your friends, who don't use the sim as often, to be able to jump in and make the adjustments they need without you having to help every time. Buttons can easily be pressed with your club for quick and convenient control.

Why is the Club Keyboard better than other control boxes?

The Club Keyboard was designed specifically for golf simulators and is recognized by your PC as a keyboard. Other control boxes use generic joystick control hardware and then use keyboard emulation software to translate joystick buttons presses into keyboard commands. That is why those boards require background software running in order for the box to work. Because of this, other control boxes often have to be unplugged when starting some software such as TCG 2019. The Club Keyboard is plug and play, simply plug it in and enjoy the convenience, no hassle no fuss.

Another difference is the quality of our construction. The Club Keyboard is with out a doubt the highest quality controller on the market. We use custom manufactured components and high quality injection molded enclosures for a refined polished look.

Other controllers are often 3d printed on home printers that show printing lines and look like a DIY project.

Does the Club Keyboard work with multiple simulator programs?

We offer the Club Keyboard preconfigured for a variety of simulators. If you use multiple simulators, you can reconfigure it for use with different software applications.

Do you need to unplug the Club Keyboard when starting TCG 2019 like other control boxes?

No, the Club Keyboard is a real keyboard and can be left connected to you computer without the need to turn off when starting programs.

Does the Club Keyboard work with my launch monitor?

The Club Keyboard isn't monitor specific. It's a tool to easily utilize keyboard shortcuts that are available in the software you use. The Club Keyboard is most useful when playing rounds of golf on course, where you are regularly wanting to do things like change aim, view where you are hitting to, see shot info, change to putter, pull the pin or even take a mulligan. We offer preconfigured models for many simulators such as TCG 2019 or GS Pro. If you buy one and want to reconfigure it to another, no problem, you can use our configuration tool to do that.

Can I get a customized keyboard for my business?

Yes! We can customize the label design for your business and can create custom boxes as well. See the Custom Keyboard page to contact us for more information.

How do I reprogram the keys on my keyboard?

Reprogramming is typically not necessary since almost all functions are already available on the keyboard, but if you use the keyboard for multiple simulators, re-assigning keys is very easy! Go to our software page for instructions.

Do you have a wireless version?

We will have a wireless version soon. The wireless version will be dual mode and will be able to connect via bluetooth and wired USB.

Is the Club Keyboard compatible with my Golf Simulator?

It doesn't matter what launch monitor you use, the Club Keyboard is used for controlling the simulator software via keyboard shortcuts.

We have models to control GS Pro, TGC 2019 and Optishot. It can control any software that uses keyboard shortcuts.

FSX software such as FSX Play and FSX 2020 can be controlled, however, basic features such as aim and mulligan are not available as keyboard shortcuts in the FSX software. This makes the keyboard less useful for FSX programs.

E6 Connect is mostly controlled via the mouse. As with FSX, there aren't enough keyboard shortcuts for the Club Keyboard to be useful.

Can my GS Pro Keyboard be updated to the newest Key Layout version?

Yes, the Club Keyboard is fully programmable so you can change your key programming at any time. You can update to any key mapping by following the instructions on the Key Programming page. There are a few options to change the labels on your keyboard to match the new programming. You can order key labels to stick on below any button you want to change. You can order an overlay which sits on top of the keyboard with the new layout, and can also be stuck on with the adhesive backing that is included. You can also order a new faceplate with or without the buttons and wiring depending on your comfort level with removing buttons and wires and reconnected them together in the new faceplate.

Shipping / Returns

When will my order ship?

Orders placed before 2pm CST typically ship the same day.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, orders can be placed from outside of the US.

What shipping services do you use?

We have a variety of options, we use USPS, Fedex and UPS. Ground and express options are available.

What is your return policy?

We want you to be happy with your purchase. We know you will absolutely love our product and will not want to play without it, but if for some reason you want to return the keyboard, contact us within 30 days of purchase and we will send instructions on how to return it or go to your account to start the return process.

Wholesale Inquiries

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

We welcome stores and installers! If you have a retail store or are a simulator installer you can apply for a wholesale account here.

What is your minimum order quantity and wholesale price?

Please apply for a wholesale account or contact us for more information.

Didn't find your answer or need more help? Please send us a message and we will get your question answered right away!