Key Programming Guide

If you use the keyboard for multiple sims and want to use the same box for both, you can easily switch back and forth.

Use the Club Keyboard Programming Tool to change the key assignment configuration of your keyboard. The step by step instruction manual below will walk you thru the procedure. Click to download the tool and then download any of the preconfigured setup files you want to use.

Instruction Guides

GS Pro Keyboard Layout Versions

From time to time new keyboard shortcuts are added to GS Pro. Keyboard layouts are sometimes updated to use new available shortcuts. If you are switching back and forth between GS Pro and another sim software, you will need to download the correct configuration version to match your keyboard layout. The image below shows you how to find your version number.

  • Keyboard Layout Version 1

  • Keyboard Layout Version 2

  • Keyboard Layout Version 3

Tutorial Videos

Switch between GS Pro and TGC 2019

Club Keyboard Complete Programming Guide