Owners Manuals

If you need to download the Owners Manual that came with your keyboard, you're in the right place. Click a link below to download the manual for your device.


Why are there different GS Pro Versions?

From time to time new keyboard shortcuts are added to GS Pro. Keyboard layouts are updated to use new available shortcuts. The image below shows you how to find your version number.

Can my GS Pro keyboard be updated to a different version?

Yes, the Club Keyboard is fully programmable so you can change your key programming at any time. You can update to any key mapping by following the instructions on the Key Programming page. There are a few options to change the labels on your keyboard to match the new programming. You can order key labels to stick on below any button you want to change. You can order an overlay which sits on top of the keyboard with the new layout, and can also be stuck on with the adhesive backing that is included. You can also order a new faceplate with or without the buttons and wiring depending on your comfort level with removing buttons and wires and reconnected them together in the new faceplate.