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DIY Keyboard Controller Electronics Kit

DIY Keyboard Controller Electronics Kit

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Now you can incorporate the advantages of the custom electronics in the Club Keyboard right in your own build and save a little cash too! This kit comes with the USB compliant keyboard device, USB cable, wiring harness and common wire chain. Our board allows for up to 29 buttons and has power supply for LED buttons if you choose to use those. The wiring harness has spade connectors on the ends to easily connect to your buttons, includes a 15 ft usb cable. We have an add on wiring kit to simplify adding LED buttons to your build, so check that out if you plan to use LEDs.

Note for LED lighted buttons: Our board is capable of 29 buttons, however, USB 2.0 ports have limited current load, so don't attempt to power more than 10 LED buttons in your build. If you are using a USB 3.0 port it supports higher loads, but be sure to check that the port you are using can handle the amount of LED buttons you want to power. You can still run all 29 buttons if you are powering 10 via LED, this warning only applies to the amount of button lights being powered.

Kit includes:

  • Club Keyboard circuit board
  • 15 ft USB cable
  • Wiring harness
  • Common wire chain

Wiring Instructions

Download wiring guide

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